Euangelion Publication

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As our site indicates, we're actively translating scripture into a brand new poetic yet literal translation of the word.

We translate the Promises of God in our own time, and for our own spiritual reward, being paid for that work would take away the purpose behind it. We also aren't seeking to make profit on the BIble. We believe scripture should be free, and sharing the Euangelion brings it's own reward in heaven.

But we would appreciate financial help with the following

1. Translation to other languages

We are translating the Euangelion to English, but would like to hire translators to bring it from English to high quality French, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Hindi, and German (to start). If you'd like to get involved with this work, we're estimating about 0.04c per word for a total of $7,500 per language. 

2. First Print Run

We'd like to do about 100 copies for the first edition, at a cost of $30 per book. We'd like to sell the editions at cost plus 5% to maximize the numbers whom can read it.

3. Mini-Bible Print Run

We'd like to do a very large run of 10,000 bibles as a first edition mini version utilizing cheaper inks and printing.


Feel free to email us if you'd like to see more translations, and/or talk to us on the phone about sponsoring this work. We are estimating about $95,000 to complete the project after completion in late 2020. We have divided the total cost into 4,000 $25 donations.