A Word of Encouragement

It was put on my heart today to encourage you in your walk of faith.
It's easy to think that our God is a "one and done" God. After all, the sacrifice and testimony of Jesus could easily have been "it." No more heavenly assignments, no more second comings - Jesus came, he died, he resurrected, and now big period of time later, someday - he'll come. Or if you believe the Book of Revelation already came to pass with Nero's persecution of the Christians (666=Nero) then it's already over. That's it from YHWH - and that's it from Jesus. 

And now all we have is an ineffective church, rising poverty/inequality/food shortages/mass-corruption, all in the face of an inactive God who's done his piece?
Think again.
I'm messaging today to encourage you that this is NOT the case. And to give you hope
You see the Lord is still at work. The Lord still has a plan for humanity. He knows the makeup and fabric of our world. He knows how our governments work, our institutions, our laws, our people - he knows how capital flows, money is created, and all about our healthcare, education system and .
He knows all things, and has been at work through humanity in the last 2,000 years. 
This is all part of a plan.
Now our Lord can only do what is good, and what is just. He didn't start COVID - but you can be sure he knew it was coming.
Our Lord works in this way - he knows what is coming, and knows how to bring good from it. He knew COVID was coming, and he used it for his aims and purposes.
He knew that the red sea would part at the exact right moment naturally and used it to bring the Jewish people from Egypt. He knew that a star would appear in the sky at the time of the birth of Jesus, and revealed it to the prophets. He knew, and knows all things.
He is at work NOW. And a magnificent plan is coming into being. And it's coming into pass NOW.
You see there IS a a plan, and HAS been a plan since before the creation of the Universe. And the appointed time for its commencing is NOW.
Our Father in Heaven is about to end the 11 greatest diseases man knows. He is bring clean energy. Clean water. Unlimited food. An end to famine, water poverty. He's bringing new education systems. healthcare, economic systems, politics are changing and becoming corruption proof. It's all happening, and it's coming to pass THIS YEAR.
The Lord can only use those who choose him. We DO have free will. And for those who choose him, and really walk with him, there is a destiny, created before the universe ever existed, waiting for YOU and a place in his Kingdom for YOU.
We all have a purpose as princely subjects in a royal Kingdom in the Kingdom of God. 99.999% don't know their God given destiny. The few who do choose him, and live their faith, receive an incredible inheritance of purpose, joy and peace.
That truly is the "pearl of indescrible value" described in the Euangelion. It's beyond price, and it deserves our entire focus.
Take HOPE, for our Lord never abandoned us. He wasn't a one-and-done messiah. The BEST times are ahead of us. And what incredible times they will be.
In ten years famine, water poverty will have been eliminated. That is the Lord's plan.
The Kingdom of God in all its glory is coming upon the earth. Either join its making, or watch it unfold!