• Ending Famine, Poverty, Homelessness and Thirst, And Having Fun Doing It :-)

Creating start-up societies designed to bring about a new age of abundance.

We choose paradise.

There’s no reason why we have to live in man’s artificial society. A world of partisan politics, of terrible decision making, of war, mass consumption, inequality, homelessness - the list goes on. We can easily design a system that works beautifully. That works with nature, and works with people. We choose to live in a world of difference. We choose to live in a new world of intelligent design - we choose to design something that works more intelligently.

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We’re building communities of the 22nd century…today


A.I. assisted comprehensive lifelong learning companion to take any person from zero to hero.


Micro-biome based, holistic focused preventative healthcare model


Synergistic algae, solar, hydro-electric zero waste perpetual generation


Aeroponic/aquaponic/traditional combination hyperfarm at 1/15th cost and 12x the yield


Desert reclamation, circular economy and smart vernacular 2.0 architecture


Equity powered blockchain cryptocurrency operating self-sustained community model


A.I. managed 98% automated virtual democracy or “technocracy”


A,I. predictive legislation with native language capability and clear transparency


Graphene portable nano-desalination


Kingdom focused shared global culture to cultivate a better human being

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“To you I will give the divine secrets of the Kingdom of God far beyond human intelligence …”.

That's from Mark 4:11. We're also re-translating the New Testament. You won't believe how different the original Greek is.

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We love to work with talented, passionate people who think creatively and believe that a more perfect world is possible. As a nonprofit, we are always open to donations, particularly real estate, and talented volunteers are often even more valuable. Drop us a line, and let’s talk.

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